Corporation Vision

-Become advanced Chinese supplier of whole factory automation system solution              

Corporation Mission

-To be respected person, To make respected products, To operate respected enterprise, To built respected platform

Core Value

-Be Filial (To Parents), Be Grateful (To Customers), Be Applausive (To Staff)

Corporation Spirit

-Be man with love, do things with heart

 Team Spirit

-Be loyal and united, be industrious and enterprising

Three Faces Culture

-Smile Face To Workmate, Ashamed Face To Mistake, Angry Face To Waste

Five Shows Culture

-Show Virtue With Mouth, Show Respect With Eyes, Show Skill With hands, Show Love With Heart, Show Goodness With Act.

craftsman spirit

-Create With hands, Refine With works, Intelligentize With Instruments, Craft With Heart, Qualify With Act.