Honors witness growth, strengths cast glory, we look back to HLX's course of growth, 
Every transformation, Every step over, is entirely up to the  desire and insistence of dream.

Explosion Stage

Eco-efficiency Year ·2017
Became the pilot of Dongguan city doubling program, walkers always arrive,practicer always achieve,insist in our dream we will reach further……

Mechanic Year·2016
Advocated Mechanic spirit, to win the future with intelligent equipment;contracted Mr. Sun Yu the academician;awarded as the Top 10 growth enterprise;
Went public on NEEQ;

Metamorphosis Year·2015
Set up Dongguan 、Shunde、Ningbo branches;gained National High-Tech prize;
Awarded as academician and expert work base;signed contract with Dongguan Securities;

Win-Win Year·2014
Company Cadre funding set up, Xiamen Branch set up;became supplier of Hisense、Rowa、Hegii;
Gained National 4A good behavior company;

Tranforming Stage

Innovative Year·2013
Oversea business department set up;“HLX” and “Huixing” trade mark approved;

Brand Year·2012
Huilixing Industrial Park set up;Chongqing Branch set up;cooperated with colleges;

Passed ISO9001:2008;Enter oversea market;

Stale Year·2010
applied trade marks and patents;R&D team set up;

Breakthough Year·2009
Became partner of Midea;Upgrade culture management;

Developing Stage

Service Year·2008
Established ERP system; established developing tactic;

Developing year·2007
Moved to Dalingshan Town;became supplier of Gree;
Established conveyor roller department;

Channel Year·2006
Became online retailer by means of internet;established tooling pallet department;

starting year·2005
Aspire to became an integrated equipment and spare part supplier, distribution covered the Deltas of China;

Emerging Stage

Melting Year·2004
Shenzhen branch set up;became the early member of Alibaba supplier; established equipment department;

March year·2003
Kunshan branch set up;Zhongshan office set up;

Cultivation Year·2002
Became the supplier of BBK, Gree;

New Born Year·2001
moved into a 1200㎡ plant in Changan;

Hatching Year·2000
Set up in Changan, Dongguan;began with 3 people,100㎡ office;